Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today - Sushi and Beef, 2 Busy Classes

Classroom 1: Sushi
It's all about the rice - sweet, sticky, glutenous, zushi rice, sushi rice
Nigiri Sushi: little fingers of rice topped with wasabi and a filet of raw or cooked fish or shellfish; Generally the most common form of sushi
Maki Sushi: rice and seaweed rolls with fish and/or vegetables. Most maki place the nori on the outside; some (California) place the rice on the outside
Other Terms:
Anago: salt water or conger eel [Unagi: fresh water eel]
Bonito: also known as Skipjack tuna
Daikon: giant white radish, grated as garnish to sashimi
Dashi: basic soup and cooking stock made with kombu and bonito flakes
Fugu: puffer fish, considered a delicacy; contains large amounts of poisonous tetrodotoxin; in Japan only licensed fugu chefs are allowed to prepare
Gari: vinegared or pickled ginger; sushi garnish
Hamachi: yellowtail tuna [amberjack]
Hijiki: black seaweed; tiny threads
Mirin: sweet rice wine used for cooking
Miso: soy bean paste
Nori: sheets of dried seaweed used in maki
Tobiko: flying-fish roe
Uni: sea urchin
Sashimi: raw fillets without rice
Shoyu: Japanese style soy sauce
Tofu: bean curd
Toro: fatty tuna, O-Toro considered finest grade
Wakame: dried lobe-leaf seaweed in long, dark green strands
Wasabi: Japanese horseradish [not true horseradish but functions as such]
Classroom 2: Meat Fabrication
Today's class was focused on fabricating an entire short plate as well as a full leg (round)
Lots of knife skills practice.
Utilized cuts; skirt steaks, brisket and short ribs as well as inside and outside rounds, eye of round, and knuckle.

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