Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back From Cincinnati

Back in relatively one piece from the ACF Northeast Regional Conference, this year located in beautiful downtown Cincinnati Ohio. Maybe a little tongue in cheek, but overall the city is relatively attractive.

CCI Knowledge Bowl Team competed and held up very well. They knew their facts and performed smoothly as a team. Made it all the way to the finals and got off to a good start in the last game, but ended up a little bit short. The other team (NE Culinary - Vt.) was just a bit quicker to the buzzer and just as knowledgeable. It was a great showing; they represented the school and themselves well, even if they did start giggling to the category "Meat Handling".

The conference as a whole was fun and useful. Most of us got a chance to attend several seminars, including one on Molecular Gastronomy as well as one on classic techniques (Escoffier) as a counter-balance to the new age stuff.

On Saturday night they packed us all into 9 busses and drove us down into Kentucky to visit the Makers Mark Kentucky Bourbon Distillery. Beautiful, very charming place: gave us a quick tour and hosted a pig-roast complemented by a down-home bluegrass band that actually played everything from Pink Floyd to the Beatles to Mariah Carey with a bluegrass twang. Only downside was the failure to let us know it was a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive each way. Turned into an adventure when the drivers ended up on cow paths that pass for paved roads and then got stuck in the mud for good measure.

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