Monday, April 14, 2008

Ice Carving Class

Today the Garde Manger class heads to the courtyard and trys their hand at carving ice. Working in groups of two they choose a design, transfer that design to the ice block and use various tools to bring it to life.

Today was a perfect day for carving outside; cool enough to work without the block melting quickly away; warm enough to not be so distracted by shivering.
The intial design is roughed out with the chain saw, then a series of hand chisels and/or dremels, routers, flat irons, and various other tools are used to smooth and add details.
the carver needs to watch the ice carefully; its texture and opacity evolves as time goes by. Ice carving is an art of the moment. Each piece evolves and passes through a series of differing effects based on the light source, total amount of light, light angle, temperature changes and, of course, the artistry of the carver as they make final adjustments.

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