Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day Two International Flavors - Asian Noodle Dishes

Todays lesson focused on three points:

How to:

1) Identify the extensive role of noodles in Asian cuisines
2) Identify a variety of Asian noodles and their appropriate cooking methods
3) Prepare a variety of traditional Asian noodle dishes

· Asian cuisine focuses on balance between fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. in each meal
· One way is common inclusion of noodles of various grains in many if not most meals
· Asian noodle making has a 2,000 year history; firmly ingrained portion of the diet
· Huge variety, not only in sizes and shapes, but in type of grain used
· Wheat flour noodles (with or without eggs)
· Rice noodles (rice paper wrappers, rice sticks)
· Mung bean noodles (commonly known as cellophane noodles)
· Agar-Agar noodles
· Buckwheat noodles
· Seaweed noodles
· Tofu (beancurd) noodles
· Noodle types
· Asian wheat noodles
· Chinese egg noodles
· Chow mein noodles
· Soba noodles
· Udon noodles
· Ramen noodles
· Saimen noodles
· Somen noodles
· Cellophane noodles, “Glass noodles” (mung bean)
· Wonton noodles
· Rice stick noodles
· Rice vermicelli

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