Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nilgai Antelope Fabrication

Thanks to our friends at Broken Arrow Ranch in Texas we
received a couple absolutely wonderful legs of free range,
humanely harvested venison, in this case from an animal
native to Africa but now at home in South Texas called the
Nilgai antelope. Very high in protein but lower in cholesterol,
fat and total calories than beef, pork, even chicken.
Low fat content calls for careful cooking: handled properly
the flavor is not at all gamy or waxy - just tender and delicious.

Piece of hip bone attached - butcher carefully - follow natural seams.

Take care to remove gland from inner leg. - "Osso Bucco" potential
Bottom Round (Gooseneck) - Broken down to major muscles

Inside Round and Eye of the Round

Top Round and Knuckle

Heel - Removing cap from top round

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